A lot happening this past week.

siding: $800 caulking cost out of pocket adair does not do/include. One day delay due to not enough material being delivered. Siders were done in 5 days. We decided we are going to put rock on the bottom. DIY is 1/2 the cost of paying someone, luckily we have Professional resources to help since it will be our first timešŸ˜³


good guys, efficient…. Tried to put HVAC system in garage…. It was sticking out off the wall 3ft…. These things are what make you say WTF. So we had themĀ move it upstairs above bathroom…. It was the best, most efficient out of sight place. Ā Then they put the fireplace in the middle of the living room wall… So we told them to move it down to the floor. Plumbing guys were great, make sure all the showers and tubs are on site before they come! Otherwise another delay! We didn’t have that issue thankfully.


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