Placed, Poured, and Passed


We passed the stem wall inspection and moved right into back-fill. Ended up having to put in a retaining wall which we were hoping we wouldnt have to spend the money. After we cut for Final grade around the house and back-filled, the best option was to go with the wall. We will post pictures of that when its done. The lumber arrived a few days later and sat over the four day weekend. To our suprise the framers were working on the house on Memorial Day. Very nice crew, and efficient! We are still waiting to hit 4th gear, but now that wood is going in we are getting very excited.


IMG_2684 IMG_2687

We (Hemley excavating) cut the pad and the next day the forms went in. We had to wait over the weekend for our inspection, but passed this morning. Will be Pouring tomorrow. We hope things continue to move at this pace from now on.